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When The Angels Cry-The Story of Arielle

Timothy M. Braun


Paperback: 280 pages
Language: English
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 978-1449998288
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8
Shipping Weight: < 1 lb
Shipping Cost: $3.00
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<p>MIRACLE OR COINCIDENCE?</p> <p>Have you ever been the recipient of a miracle? Most of us probably have, whether we know it or not. Think back. How many “almost” critical situations can you recall affecting yourself or your family? Divine intervention or coincidence? Rebecca had a great life, a brand new, beautiful, baby boy, a loving husband, and a great job. She had it all. She enjoyed an existence most people only dreamed about--until early one morning it all came crashing down. S.I.D.S. had taken her son from her. She cursed God, the heavens and all who resided there. How could He do this to her? Her depression so engulfed her, there seemed no end to her sorrow. After months of trying to get Rebecca to see a doctor or therapist, her husband left her.</p> <p>A year after her son's death, she apologized to God and asked for His forgiveness. Her life was forever changed.</p> <p>THE INFANT</p> <p>After losing her own child to S.I.D.S., Rebecca finds Arielle on her doorstep as an infant, but possessing something so mysterious she can’t bring herself to believe.</p> <p>MESSAGES FROM THE ANGELS</p> <p>Throughout Arielle’s childhood, she is barraged with questions from religious leaders who have difficulty accepting Rebecca’s observations and Arielle’s angelic messages. The leaders are told they must change their lives, attitudes, and behaviors; start believing in and teaching about a loving, compassionate God. After an altercation at school, Arielle is faced with litigation and a presiding judge who has no tolerance for religious matters. He receives an unmistakable message.<br/> As news of extraordinary events tied to Arielle, her prophesies, and her messages from the angels travel throughout religious hierarchies, the courts, and the community, she faces many challenges and teaches many about life, love, and God. Who is this child? Will they ever believe her? Will they do what they are asked?</p>

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